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JinHui Coin Operated Game Fruit Rouletter Arcade Machine

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Brand Name: JinHui

Certification: CE

Machine Name: Fruit Roulette

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

1~5 Price: US$3824.00

≥5 Price: US$3799.00

Packaging Details: Stretch Film+Bubble Pack+Wood Frame

Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union, Cash

Supply Ability: 100 sets per month

Product Details

JinHui Coin Operated Game Fruit Rouletter Arcade Machine

JinHui Coin Operated Game Fruit Rouletter Arcade Machine

Product Parameter:


NameJinHui Coin Operated Game Fruit Rouletter Arcade Machine


Redemption Game Machine




Hardware +Acrylic

Player1 player
Warranty1 year & life long technical support



1. The gameplay is novel, exciting, and extremely recreational;

2. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the pattern is bright and delicate, the material is made of template, glass steel, stainless steel, etc., safe and durable;

3. Adopt large-scale integrated circuit, built-in program, stable and reliable working performance;

4. The game program and revenue ratio are delicate and adjustable.

 How to play:

1. Coin to start the game;

2. Press the "OK" button to turn and stop the turntable;

3. Get lottery tickets or different fruits according to different grids;

4. Collect fruits cumulatively, when one of them says that you can get a cumulative reward of 5 fruits when you collect 5 of them;

5. 6 different fruits on the mobile phone can enter the jackpot game, use the turntable to control the characters to move left and right to pick up the fallen fruits to win rich rewards (the jar in the middle indicates the currently collected types).


Product Advantages:

1. Independent R&D, mainboard and machines produced by ourselves, we are the real source of manufacturer.

2. The using of fully enclosed bubble film packaging to prevent moisture and water into the packaging during the process of shipping, otherwise it will be resulting in rust.

3. 48 hours heat engine requirements. We guarantee all the machines with 48 hours heat before delivery, to reduce machine quality problems.

4. All the internal parts were under strict selection and testing, for example, power supply, LCD, circuit boards, amplifiers, speakers, sound, lights, and even buttons, acrylic, stickers.



1. Voltage is different in our country. What do we do?

    ---No worry. We can make it 110V,220V,380V to meet different countries' standard.

2. How long will your products last?

    ---All machines are built with brand new high quality components. So the machines are all in long life-span over years, and less fault problem. Customers can get payback soon and make profits for many years.

3. Do you offer English manual? Can you help with installation?

    ---Yes English manual for you. And our technicians will guide you online patiently. It’s not difficult. Please do not worry.

4. Do you offer after service, even in our country?

    ---Yes this is an important support. We guarantee 1year warranty + lifetime technical support. Our technicians can also come to you in person if you need technical help, as long as their expenses are covered.

5. We want different games. Can you do that for me?

    ---We have 12years experience in game industry. We are very glad to help our buyers buy whatever machines they like. It is very easy for us. Service is for free.

6. Do you offer site design services?

    ---Yes dear, we have very professional design team. Our designers can make the layout and 3D plan according to your idea and our professional advice. No extra charge. Tell us your plan and site details, CAD drawing is better. Different site has different size, normally one design in 1-7days.

7. Do your company have the certifications that are required for use in our country? 

    ---CE certificates . If you require any additional qualifications, do tell our sales team, and we will help to get them.